Air Incu i

The Air Incu i has been designed to provide “womb-like” enviornment for premature infants with a focus on infection control, due to immature immune systems infants are prone to infections which can progress into being a severe condition, the air Incu I has been designed to reduce the risk of infection for the infant


  • Pressure dispersion mattress with air curtains on all sides.
  •  External X-ray cassette protects the infant from stress.
  •  6 door access with joint less hood leading to infection control.
  •  Noise levels less than 41DB (Lowest among all incubators).
  • A dual lock system ensuring child safety.
  •  Servo humidifier and Servo oxygen control.
  •  Alarms for skin temperature probe, humidity sensor, low water level, set temperature, humidity chamber off, baby check, power failure, oxygen sensor.


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