BPL FD-02 is an ultrasound Foetal Doppler that is safe to be used on every pregnant women. It provides an audible simulation of the foetal heartbeat using the Doppler Effect. With a large LCD display capable of showing Foetal Heart Rate from 16th week of gestation. BPL FD-01 comes with 2.5 MHz high sensitive ultrasound probe and Built-in loud speaker. Low battery indication and Auto shut down feature saves battery life.


  • Accurate detection of Foetal heart rate (FHR), without side effects, and completely safe for the Foetus & the mother
  • Digital & waveform display for better data visualisation
  • Compact & portable design provides convenience while using & carrying around
  • A 2.5Mhz highly sensitive ultrasound probe for accurate detection of the Foetal Heart rate (FHR) during early gestation
  • Built-in loud speaker and headphone audio jack provides enhanced quality foetal heart sounds
  • Smart Visual alerts to indicate user in case of any irregularity


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