Prisma VENT 50-C

Prisma VENT 50-C is an advanced ICU Ventilator that provides clinicians with High-Flow Therapy (HFT) & Lung Insufflation function for optimal ventilation of pediatric & adult patient categories.

In HFT mode, the device provides a constant flow of 5 – 60 Litre/min. An oxygen feed also can be added. The air flow is heated and humidified (for example, with prisma VENT AQUA) and delivered to the patient via a nasal cannula. Patient interface comes in different sizes for non-invasive use. A different interface is available for invasive application.

Prisma VENT 50-C may also be used with a single-tube with patient valve and other tube systems with nasal cannula for High-Flow Therapy.


  • Invasive and non-invasive application: Vent 50-C Supports both ET tube & Mask ventilation in pediatric and adult patient categories
  •  HFT/HFNC Mode: A constant High-Flow Oxygen of 5-60 Litre/min is possible, which improves oxygenation
  •  Conventional ventilation modes: Pressure control and spontaneous modes to meet patient demand
  •  Tidal volume from 100 mL – 2000 mL can be targeted to assure volume delivery
  • Waveforms, alarms & Event log: Volume, pressure & flow waveforms can be viewed along with unique alarm management for utmost safety
  •  Lung Insufflation Assist Manoeuvre (LIAM) function for cough support and secretion management
  •  Data storage & connectivity: Up to 8 GB therapy data can be saved and transferred through prisma CONNECT option


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